il closed

As you have heard by now, Governor Pritzker has issued a statewide “stay-at-home” order beginning tomorrow (Saturday, 3/21) until Tuesday (April 7) meant to keep the maximum number of people at home.  During this time, Bunker Hill CUSD #8 will be focused on the following:

1) Keeping our Children Fed

-- Meals will continue to be provided with only two drive-thru sites (Wolf Ridge and Administration Office).  Woodburn and Royal Lakes will be completely delivered door-to-door.   

2) Protecting the Health of our Community

-- All but the most essential of critical staff will be working from home.  We have now reduced our work force down to about 7-8 employees district wide.  The Superintendent’s Office will now be closed to the public. 

3) Providing some type of learning experiences

-- As we all know, remote and e-learning is certainly no substitute for the connections between a child and his/her teacher and peers.  We are simply providing learning experiences to prevent the premature “slide” that occurs each summer.  Please do not stress over these experiences, as they are meant to keep kids engaged and connected to school rather than advance them in content or concepts. 

Over the weekend, please be on the lookout for additional information from the school district regarding the signup process for next week’s meals, as well as a very specific technology needs survey regarding devices and broadband access.

While I am extremely proud of the #BHill8 faculty, staff, students and community, I am also extremely proud of YOU, the parents.  With no training or teacher preparation whatsoever, you have had to rapidly learn a profession, and from what I have seen on our social media, you are doing a great job.  For that, congratulate yourself, encourage daily reading over the next couple of weeks, and stay safe, healthy and at home.  We will get through this together!

Thanks, Todd