Waste No Wax Project

One of our amazing students, Heidi Kahl in fourth grade, is starting a special project titled "Waste No Wax".  Her goal is to collect any broken or unwanted crayons from our school in an effort to recycle them.  She has provided each teacher in grades K-5 with a can to collect the crayons.  The art room will also have a can for upper grade teachers or anyone else that would like to donate.  Heidi plans to collect these crayons each week or month depending on how many we have in our cans.  She will take them home, melt them and create new crayons in fun shapes to then donate back to the school.  

We are so excited to be able to help Heidi with this awesome project!  If you have any unwanted or broken crayons at home, please send them to school in a ziploc bag with "Waste No Wax" written on the front.  We want to thank Heidi for helping our school to reduce waste.